WPS District K-6 Math Coach- Ms. Vadnais

Hello My Name Is...

Ms. Vadnais

I'm excited to begin another year as a Math Coach for Westfield Public Schools.  On each grade level page, I've outlined a few of the big ideas your child will be learning in the current trimester, along with easy things that can be done at home.

The strategies included in the Massachusetts Math Standards are there to help students understand the way math works, why answers make sense (or don’t) and to promote problem solving.  It’s no longer just about getting the right answer, but also the path the student took to get to the answer.  The best way to help children of any age, it to encourage them to slow down, think about the problem,  explain how they solved, and to reason if their answer makes sense.  Students can explain their thinking in a variety of ways such as drawing a picture, using words, writing equations or a combination of these ways. 

As I visit classrooms, and listen to the students talk about math, there is an increased knowledge and understanding of math.  Math makes sense with far more students than ever and this understanding is what will help them for future grades and beyond.  

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has some wonderful resources for families to better understand the content taught at each grade level.  Visit their page here: