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Winter in the Speech Room!!


Winter is still upon us but spring is in the air.  I just wanted to update everyone on some of the books that we read over the last few months and the objectives that we addressed.  Repeated readings of the same books are great, and allow beginning readers to feel more confident. 

Highlighted books for the winter included "The Mitten" by Jan Brett, "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" by Laura Joffe Numeroff, and “Snowmen at Night” by Caralyn Buehner .  All the stories are beautifully illustrated, and allow for targeting of speech and language objectives.

Targeted Objectives include:

  • Sequencing
  • use of ordinal concepts (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.)
  • action words (skating, throwing, sliding)
  • comprehension- question responding (“Why did the mouse want some milk?)
  • ·vocabulary
  • story grammar- characters, setting, problem, actions, solutions

Highlighted game for the month is “Scattegories Junior”.  This game is great for the older students and challenges their ability to generate items in categories using specific letters.  “I spy” is always a fun activity to do with all age groups and develops use of describing words such as colors, size, shape and function.

March 29 is parent/ teacher conferences for the second term.  I will be available at Russell Elementary School for the afternoon.  Please feel free to call or email me to set up a meeting.  My email is n.little@schoolsofwestfield.org

Highland Elementary  572-6428,  Russell Elementary  642-7130

Thanks for all you do!

Noreen Little, SLP
Julie Adams, SLPA