Physical Education- Mr Tenero

Mr. Tenero's Physical Education Game Plan

Phys. Ed.

1.You must listen.
   -Eyes on the speaker, mouth closed, body still.
2.You must wear sneakers.
   -If you forget, borrow a pair outside the gym.
3.Always do your best.
   -Challenge yourself not others.
4.Be very nice to everyone.
   -Treat others the way you would like to be treated.
5.Use our equipment properly.
   -Follow directions and keep everyone safe.

How We Solve Problems In Physical Education Class

Step 1. Try to solve the problem yourself.
Step 2. Ask the teacher for help.

Problems With Others
1. Use a calm voice and tell them to stop.
2.Use your power to move.
3. Ask for help.

1. Approach the teacher and ask for permission.

1.Inform the teacher immediately for help.

If You Hurt Someone By Accident
1.Stop your activity.
2.Ask,"Are you okay?"
3.Yes answer, apologize and return to activity.
   No answer, immediately inform teacher.
   Apologize and become caretaker.
   Return to activity when injured student can return.