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                                             2017  Welcome Letter

September, 2017

Dear Students and Parents,
Welcome to 3rd Grade! We are very excited to be working with you this year. We hope you enjoyed your summer and are ready to take the journey to learn and grow as a student. All we ask is that you come with an open mind and be ready to take risks in class to become an independent learner. You will be encouraged to think and to ask questions. You will be actively involved in your own learning. Your opinions will be valued in our classroom. We will learn to trust and care for one another. We have high expectations for you and we will all be teachers and learners this year. We will make every effort to be sure to help and encourage each other.
You will need the following materials to use in the classroom. If anyone has a problem with providing these items, please let us know.
- 1 pocket folder
- 3 single subject notebooks (1 for math, 1 for science, and 1 for social studies)
- scissors
- glue sticks
- tissues (2 boxes)
- pencils
- pencil box
- cap erasers
- colored pencils
- sanitizers
Homework will be given each day, Monday through Friday. The purpose of the homework is to reinforce the curriculum being taught. We would like to ask you to monitor your child’s homework every day.
We look forward to a year of successful learning, caring friendships, and positive experiences!

                                                                                  Mrs. Alekseyevets