Monthly Minutes_Oct

October Monthly Minutes

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 Prior Meeting Minutes Approval
Vote: Passed unanimously at 6:34 PM with no changes.
 Principal’s Report by Jill Phelan at 6:35 PM
● Day of Caring: 2 volunteers came to spread mulch. Cub scouts finished the rest.
● Family Picnic - it was a great turnout, some staff members attended, some dancing and fun!
● Open House is tomorrow 6-7:30pm - students are welcome to attend!
● Oct 10 is PAWS Pumpkin Patch - an activity done at school, done outside with laminated pumpkins
● Oct 25 - Picture Day, info will be going home shortly
● Oct 31 - Pajama Day
● They still would like to do an Anti-Bullying assembly
○ Mel has organized the information from different assembly possibilities
○ Liz brought a bunch of information about assemblies from the PTO 
conference she attended today.
● Mr. Manfredi says he has had a great couple of months with us, made some connections with the kids, he’s sad to be leaving, he’ll miss our kids here!
 pencil img  Teacher’s Report at 6:41 PM
● Ms. Britton: There is a grant that the second graders will benefit from, they get to go outside and explore nature - Audubon Society?
● Mrs. Koziol: The report cards have changed this year, leaving less room for specials teachers to write notes. They have decided to send notes home a few times during the year to update parents on what they have been doing.
○ She has access to the school website to post our minutes and upcoming meeting dates, if we want that.
piggy bankpiggy bankpiggy bankpiggy bankpiggy bankpiggy bank  Treasurer’s Report by Jill at 6:44 PM
● YTD Financial Report - see handouts.
○ Copies were email and posted on our PTO group, everyone had time to review them.
○ Vote to accept the new Bylaws: Motion passed at 6:45 PM with no objections.
○ We got some bills from the IRS stating that we owe them ~$1500 for 2018 and ~$1700 for 2017 in late fees for never filing tax statements those years. We will probably get another bill for 2016 as well. Jill thinks we shouldn’t owe because we are not required to file anything more than the postcard filing every year because our receipts are less than $50,000.
School Gift
○ Jill thinks it makes more sense to wait until we see how much money we bring in through fundraising and what things the school needs. Mrs. Phelan says she has no ideas right now, she’ll probably have a better idea later.
○ Some parents feel we will fundraise better if we have a better end goal for fundraising, like last year for the playground. There was a suggestion of air conditioners.
○ Jill: Our big fundraiser last year wasn’t really just to raise money for the playground, it just ended up going towards the playground cost because our income exceeded our expenses last year and we made more than expected.
○ Mrs Phelan: Says she can talk to the staff to come up with ideas. She has to make sure that the ideas are something they will be allowed to implement. She knows for sure that we are not allowed to install any air conditioners.
○ Tabled for this meeting and Mrs Phelan and other members will bring ideas and suggestions to the next meeting.




 Subcommittee Reports
Playground Subcommittee
○ Crestview is donating the destruction of the old playground, they need to sign some paperwork before starting.
○ 3rd-4th week of October is still the estimated delivery for the new equipment
○ Brick fundraiser: Mrs. Phelan is ok with sending home a flyer, Rebecca will need to send her an updated version to send home.
■ Parents say that businesses who donated money to get a brick with a logo inscribed still have not heard from the printer to provide logos. Jill says that won’t happen until the full brick order is placed, which won’t happen until this last round of flyers is sent out.
● Assemblies/Enrichment Programs - Chair Liz
○ The Westfield Cultural Council’s grant deadline is Oct 15.
■ [Mrs Phelan] says she wants to use it for the Recycled Percussion. Mel can submit the grant application but she would like information about Recycled Percussion if Mrs Phelan has it.
○ There are some literacy grants out there. Liz is going to look into it. Curriculax?
Family Nights:
○ Family Bingo - Chair Ali
■ Ali is going to get the flyers printed at Staples, ready for distribution; she’ll email the updated flyer to Mel and Mrs Phelan for approval before printing
■ 6 rounds
■ Prize for each round will be a family prize
■ Bingo cards: you can buy them in mass quantities for cheap, she has little stamps to use
○ Winter/Husky Carnival - Jan 24 - Chair Mel
○ Scavenger Hunt - March - Chair Becca
○ Dance - May - Chair Holly