Kindergarten Math Topics

Kindergarten In the second trimester of the school year, Kindergarten students will work on the following skills:

  • Identifying 2-D and 3-D shapes Describing positions such as over, under, behind, in front, etc.
  • Analyzing shapes and composing new shapes
  • Sorting, classifying and categorizing
  • Working with the teen numbers Learning about the concept of addition

You can help your child at home by having them practice these skills.  Have students name shapes of everyday things such as a window for a rectangle, or a plate for a circle.  As you’re driving, have them find shapes outside.  Use positional words such as below or above when you describe where things are in the house.  When you see a teen number, have them read it to you.  Teens are difficult for students, often getting confused with the decades.  Have them count objects around the house.  Understanding the concept of addition is more important at this point than basic facts.  When passing out objects, you might say “there are 3 forks on this side of the table and 2 forks on the other side.  How many forks are on the table?”  In this way children can see the concept of addition as joining or combining objects.  

Here are some other resources:

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