Technology- Mrs Koziol

Technology with Mrs. Koziol

Experience is a hard teacher
because she gives the test first,
the lesson afterward."-
Vernon Law

Welcome to Highland's Technology Page! Our lab has 28 PCs, an Epson interactive projector, along with several iPad, laptop, and Chromebook carts. We also have several new Epson interactive projectors for a classrooms & several Elmos for classrooms use.

I see all of our 16 classrooms each week for a 40 minute
block of instruction and application. Students work independently on assignments and projects as well as collaboratively.

Lessons can include digital citizenship, coding, internet safety, getting familiar with word processing and all it has to offer, collecting data & creating graphs, publishing their works from ELA, keyboarding skills, and research skills.

Highland is lucky enough to have a second computer lab in the Library too! This is used primarily for Imagine Learning, but we also use it for ST Math. Some of the classroom teacher's take their classes there for those programs with help from Mrs.McKenna.